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  • This bruise is getting uglier by the day.

    ladykorralynnlorelaie said: Glad you enjoyed it a lot. :D When will your fanfic challenge video start?

    When I get my memory card and when enough people want me to do it :3 so in the next week or so I’ll decide :D

    I need to stop gushing over these two and sleep #kataang #avatar
    There’s a special place in my heart for Sokka’s hair when it’s down :3


    Deliver Us. Prince of Egypt (1998).

    River, oh river, flow gently for me,
    Such precious cargo you bear!
    Do you know somewhere, he can live free?
    River, deliver him there…

    Words cannot describe the beauty and perfection of this score.

    As a sufferer who never gets taken seriously, this is important.

    timeycutie said: I can't believe the first fanfic I have ever written was about 11/cheese. Thanks for the weirdest experience, I can't stop laughing

    Oh my!! :D

    Anonymous said: Hi Tia! Do you still upload reaction videos on YouTube about LOK episodes? I really loved those! ♥

    I do! For the moment i’m without memory card but i film little things on my phone for now :3